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Foray (Regular & Outline)

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FORAY was developed to support the designer in the fashion, event and sports worlds. Highly geometric and angular FORAY gives you a Bold, sharp, powerful tone that can't be ignored. With the newly added italic styles, you'll be able to convey speed and power creating a 1-2 punch!

Inspiration comes from modern sports apparel design, tech, geometric angles and propaganda. Newly expanded punctuation, allows for more than just your basic A-Z/0-9, which means you can use it for more pieces, such as social media, ads, game programs, etc.

New Features Include:

  • 4 fonts (2 Regular and 2 Italics)
  • Added more punctuation
  • Alternate Glyphs (Mix things up)
  • Expanded Font Formats (You can use it in more places)

Feel free to share what you've done with FORAY! Tag me on Instagram! @heyANDR35

Thanks for the support!


RELEASED: 2016; updated Dec. 2018

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