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Triton Sports Font Family

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Triton Sports Font Family was created with sports designers and their usages of type in mind. Triton is perfect for sports, apparel, promo and large headline uses. It's versatility allows you to brand each sport and is built with jersey placement in mind, so you could utilize Triton on each sports' jersey to really tie things together!

Inspiration came from sports logo design and Nike's recent NCAA/NFL type systems. With added punctuation, it's more than just your basic A-Z/0-9, which means you can use it for more pieces, such as social media, ads, game programs, etc.

New Features Include

  • 4 fonts (2 Regular and 2 Italics)
  • Lowercase
  • Alternate Glyphs (Mix things up)
  • Expanded Font Formats (You can use it in more places)
  • Basic Diacritics (In case you need to throw down some Spanish/French, etc.)



RELEASED: v1: 2017/ v2 and Sans: 2018

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