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Craze Pro Typeface

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Craze Pro was created as a free font for sports designers and their projects in mind. Craze is perfect for sports, apparel, promo and large headline uses. Newly added features like lowercase and italic, greatly expand the versatility of Craze as a more all-around player in the sports designer's type arsenal. Years ago, Craze was a bit of a type sketch that I set out to give away but after seeing the value it's added to others around the world I decided to give it some focus and enhance it for the working designers out there who need a little bit more depth and breadth, so they don't have to make the simple glyphs from scratch.

Inspiration came from sports logo design, pro sports branding and social media imagery. Updated with added punctuation, it's more than just your basic A-Z/0-9, which means you can use it for more pieces, such as social media, ads, game programs, etc.

New Features Include

  • 2 fonts (Regular and Italic)
  • Lowercase
  • limited Alternate Glyphs (Mix things up)
  • Expanded Font Formats (You can use it in more places)
  • Basic Diacritics (In case you need to throw down some Spanish/French, etc.)

Thanks for the support!


RELEASED: March 2023