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Gorilla Type Family

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GORILLA is a geometric, display typeface developed to be utilized in various industries. Lending itself to sports, publishing, headlines, sci-fi, movies and much more, GORILLA will be a great addition to your font collection!

Inspiration came from a cartoon depiction of a gorilla I once saw. The way the gorilla's hands were shaped led to the initial "G" glyph and the angles used. Other inspiration came from sports apparel a la Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. I first created it back in 2010 and just held onto it until I felt comfortable enough to develop it more. Now with 6 weights, matching Italics, lowercase and multilingual support, I hope GORILLA assists you on your next project.

GORILLA now boasts an improved and fully formed family, including many new features. These NEW features include:

  • Opentype (Alternate Glyphs)
  • 6 regular weights and their matching italics (12 total fonts)
  • Lowercase
  • Multilingual Support
  • Multiple formats: OTF/TTF/EOT/WOFF/WOFF2

Thanks for the support!



UPDATE 2018: Regular and Bold Italic weights added.

UPDATE 2019: 6 Weights + Italics + Lowercase + multilingual support

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