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Form Family

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The FORM type family was originally developed to support the sports-minded designer. It's evolved into something larger and can now stand apart from the sports world, if necessary. Consider using FORM in branding for medical, retail, fashion, hair and beauty, sports and technology fields.

It has just been updated and refreshed (June 2018) to feature:

  • lowercase letters
  • alternate glyphs
  • basic accents
  • italics (4 weights)
  • a new Fourth weight
  • multiple font formats (OTF,TTF, EOT, WOFF/2)

Inspiration came from modern, minimalist, fashion, tech & sports brands worldwide. Think fresh, clean, simple letters. Use the alternate glyphs to create different combos and set different moods whether in a retail space or promoting your sports team.

I'd love to hear from you with what you design with the FORM family!

I hope you're able to create some awesome work with FORM! Feel free to contact me about creating any characters if you don't see them, I tend to work in shifts, so expect updates along the way. Thanks for the support!


RELEASED: 2015 / updated 2016 and 2018

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