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AWESTRUCK is a versatile, Helvetica/Montserrat inspired type family ready to go to work for you in your designs! It can be lean or heavy, fancy or understated and will bring a certain fearlessness that other type faces won't.

Originally designed as a typeface for a church sermon series bearing the same name, AWESTRUCK was born to be in the headlines. AWESTRUCK was used in video, social and print environments. Carrying it's own weight, AWESTRUCK can lead the way in your project and yet allow other typefaces to breathe on their own.

AWESTRUCK has been updated with lowercase, a couple more weights to use!

Features Include

  • 14 fonts (7 weights and matching italics)
  • Expanded Font Formats (You can use it in more places)
  • Upper and Lowercase (originally Uppercase only)
  • Basic Diacritics (In case you need to throw down some Spanish/French, etc.)

Thanks for the support!


RELEASED: v1 May 2019 // v2 Nov 2019

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