Sugarland Skeeters
May 2015 25

Recently, I decided to re-design some art/ branding that I’d seen around here in Houston. Read More

Movie Project: Dawntreader
Apr 2013 27

A few weeks ago, I was really bored and when that happens, that usually means the proverbial “gloves come off.” Read More

Apparel Design
Jun 2012 10

Apparel Design0

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I’ve been playing soccer for 20+ years now and growing up, I was always picky about my teams jerseys. Obviously, I couldn’t say “no” to wearing the jerseys, but I never liked most of them, because they all looked like they were bought at Wal-Mart or something.  Read More

Free Faces
Apr 2012 03

I’ve decided it’d be nice to be nice for once and give back to the design world at large.

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New Typefaces
Oct 2011 17

New Typefaces0

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Figured I’d let the world know…that I put together some new typefaces a couple of days ago. I didn’t get all fancy with the photos here, just threw the ones I used on my Facebook.

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